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TDI's core business continues to be in cold storage construction for the food & beverage industries across Canada. From refrigerated room construction, climate controlled growth chambers, speciality doors, mechanical insulation and hygienic finishes, TDI's selection of products, construction solutions, and expertise from thousands of completed projects has been confidently meeting your strictest requirements for over 38 years.

When your project requires higher efficiencies than traditional metal cladding provides, TDI is here to help. Our full line of IMPs provide higher R values, a continuous insulation barrier, and an aesthetically pleasing building envelope construction solution. With millions of square feet of installed panels, trust TDI to provide a long lasting, easy to maintain exterior.


TDI understands and delivers what is important on industrial jobsites' installation speed, safety and quality. Our advantage is in our relationships with suppliers and our construction partners. TDI's reputation is based on an impeccable safety history with negligible lost time statistics - by decreasing the labour component by up to 50%, we help reduce risk and time on site.

With stricter building codes, exolation and better building envelopes are the best way to meet efficiency requirements. TDI has been specializing in the IMP installation industry as it has evolved from simple "Freezer Panels" to today's Architectural IMPs. These advanced panels provide improved building envelope performance, compressed installation times, and unique building facades.


Over Forty Years of Tradition & Leadership

Since 1981, Thermo Design Insulation (TDI) has been providing insulated metal panel solutions to various construction markets across Canada. Our initial focus on low temperature pipe insulation and panel installation services for the food & beverage industry in Canada still remains the core of Thermo Design’s business today. Since then, TDI has expanded into the commercial, industrial, architectural and recreational building envelope and insulation markets – allowing us to become the largest supplier and installer of insulated metal panels (IMPs) in Canada.

Cold Storage & Pipe Insulation at Our Core

TDI's unmatched experience and expertise lies in it's cold storage insulation and low temperature pipe insulation roots. TDI has completed 1000s of projects across Canada ranging from small food processing facilities to large scale projects including the Labatt's plant in Edmonton, and the Maple Leaf Foods building in Hamilton, Ontario - the largest food production facility in Canada. With expertise and experience like that, you can trust TDI to provide value, expertise and total construction capability for your next project.

Building Envelope Construction Experts

As the physical separator between environmental elements and your building's interior, your building envelope plays an important role in the overall performance of your overall performance of your facility. TDI understands just how important it is to keep the outside out and the inside in. TDI's expertise in IMPs, pre-design services, and construction technologies provides their construction partners with a single trade pass solution to building envelopes that is managed under a single source warranty. Learn more about our building envelope solutions by contacting your nearest TDI office today.

Pre-Construction Services from Thermo Design Insulation

Get the expertise you need with TDI's pre-construction support & services. TDI's dedicated team of engineers, project managers, and product specialists provide everything you need to plan, budget, and execute the right solution for your project. With a custom approach to each project that draws on the experience of our past projects, you receive the industries best pre-construction services available.

TDI is a BIM ready company with CAD and BIM staff ready to help design your project. Experience with design build teams and IPD allow us to provide valuable input into construction sequencing & budgeting as well as the most effective installation methods for your project. Learn more about TDI's process and pre-construction services here.


Insulated Metal Panels - Building Performance and Thermal Efficiency

Insulated metal panels are an economical building envelope solution offering premium thermal performance, advanced moisture control and extremely safe and quick installation. IMPs incorporate the vapour barrier, insulation and cladding within a single panel, with one warranty, and only requiring a single trade pass for installation. Available in an extensive selection of colors, finishes, textures and specs, let TDI show you how your next project could benefit from their expertise.

Exceeding the National Energy Code

Building codes have been changing and as a result it is more difficult to meet these codes using traditional construction materials. With the acceptance of the new National Energy Code, actual wall assemblies R-Values are more important than ever before. IMPs provide the best choice for contractors, architects and building owners when it comes to R-Values, build speeds, aesthetic choices and integration options.

For over 38 years Thermo-Design have been providing value to its construction partners through the use of insulated metal panel technology. Be it the architectural, institutional, recreational, commercial or industrial industries, TDI has a building envelope solution to meet your unique needs while providing a sustainable, eco-friendly product.

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