Thermo Design Insulation Presidents Message

Very simply put " TDI has been built on trying to do the right thing ".

We have a dedicated group of construction professionals who are knowledgeable , trustworthy and highly committed. I am extremely proud to be associated with our employees and our shareholder team.

The tremendous support and loyalty of our valued clients and supply partners has been the driving factor in our growth and success. Many thanks.

R J Rantucci , CEO , TDI - Founder & President


Excellence in construction since 1981

From humble beginnings in Edmonton, TDI has evolved into Canada’s leading provider of Insulated Metal Panels (IMPs). The company’s initial market focus began in the food and beverage sector providing insulated “freezer” panels, mechanical insulation, cold storage doors and other speciality products required for efficient temperature control.

Since then, TDI has become the leading provider of IMPs to the commercial, industrial, architectural and institutional markets while maintaining leadership, innovation, and expertise in the food sector. TDI’s work can be seen on thousands of completed projects across Canada including some well-known buildings including the Telus Spark Science Centre in Calgary, the Labatt Factory in Edmonton, and Canada's largest food production facility - the Maple Leaf Foods building in Hamilton.


Our strength is in our people, commitment and knowhow.

Over the year's, TDI's delivery model has stayed consistent - provide value in a consistent, respectful and cooperative manner. This model of business has allowed TDI to build strong relationships with our suppliers, construction partners and many others. With these relationships, TDI is better able to provide value to customers with the best purchasing power in the IMP industry.


More than 38 years have passed since TDI pioneered the insulated metal panel (IMP) industry in Canada. With millions of square feet of panels installed annually, thousands of completed projects under our belt, and a safety record that we are proud of, you can trust TDI for your next project.


With unmatched years of construction experience, TDI’s management and field supervisor team is dedicated to your projects success. TDI’s continued excellence in the IMP industry has produced amazing relationships with the top product manufacturers. These relationships mean TDI’s purchasing power cannot be beat – resulting in savings that are passed on to TDI’s valued construction partners.


Today, TDI continues to be the leader in building envelope construction technology and efficiency. Many things have changed over the years, for example, advancements in architectural panels have allowed TDI to be part of some of the most forward thinking and energy efficient construction projects in recent years. Our preconstruction assistance through Building Information Modelling (BIM) continues to evolve. But what hasn’t changed is TDI’s commitment to provide value in a consistent, respectful and cooperative environment.

Mission Statement

We will be an industry leader in our selected markets by supplying innovative, quality products and services that exceed the expectations of our current and future customers and by maintaining positive relationships with customers, employees, and suppliers, thereby providing continuous growth.


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