Improved R-Value, Faster Installation, Engineered Efficiency

TDI knows just how important efficiency in design, installation and product performance is for your commercial construction project. But with rising trade costs, ever increasing safety regulations and a demand for improved efficiency in thermal performance, this can be a difficult challenge to meet using traditional construction materials and installation methods. Insulated Metal Panels provide the thermal performance and environmental standards to meet the strictest of requirements. And, at TDI, we have the expertise and experience to provide safe and quick installations for your project's building envelope. Our expertise extends beyond installation of IMPs though. With our full service building envelope construction services and pre-construction we offer:

Insulated Metal Panel System

  • Insulated Metal Panel Sales
  • Construction & Installation
  • Pre-design Collaboration
  • BIM & CAD
  • Design & Engineering Services
  • Project Management
  • Exceptional Safety Practice
  • And more...








Contact your nearest TDI office today to find out how the TDI Advantage can provide improved installation speed resulting in installation cost savings of up-to 50%.



Why Insulated Metal Panels – Integrated Solutions for Improved Thermal Efficiency

As eco-efficiency, LEED certifications and NET-ZERO standards have become common place in commercial projects, the need for an improved building envelope is increasing. While originally designed for the cold storage industry, advancements in manufacturing techniques and insulation performance have allowed IMPs to become the premier building envelope choice for installation speed and overall envelope performance. At TDI we know just how good these metal panels are for your project. While the benefits IMPs provide are extensive, the end result is always the same – improved thermal efficiency, faster installation, and reduced labour costs

Major Insulated Metal Panel Benefits

  • Lower initial costs
  • Greater energy efficiency
  • Lower weight
  • Improved R-value
  • Single trade pass for installation
  • Clean, aesthetic looks
  • Continuous Air Barrier
  • Reduced Installation Time
  • Fire rated available
  • 100s of variation in color, size, texture, etc.
  • Available for horizontal or vertical installation
  • Structurally strong requiring less support than traditional metal cladding


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